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5 Bridges Health & Fitness Member Experience

5 Bridges Health & Fitness Member Experience

The 5 Bridges Health & Fitness Member Experience is designed to provide current and new members a full assessment of their health and fitness status and to provide them with a plan and path forward. At 5B we call this “total health.” This program was built specifically for anyone interested in charting their health and fitness progress, increasing their knowledge of overall wellness and learning about healthy behavior change.

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5 Bridges Health & Fitness Member Experience

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    What You Can Expect

    • Complete review of the individual’s personal fitness journal as it relates to their past, present and future aspirations (goals).
    • An in-depth health screening to ensure overall exercise safety.
    • Pre-exercise physiological measures such as: resting blood pressure, pulse and estimated maximal heart rate.
    • Body composition analysis to determine percentage of lean body tissue and metabolic rate.
    • Musculoskeletal assessment that looks at endurance, strength and power.
    • Functional Movement screenings that evaluate balance, stability, mobility, joint function and proper movement patterns.
    • Balance assessments and corrective exercise prescriptions.
    • Upon completion of the 5 Bridges Health & Fitness experience, receive a credit for the full amount towards the purchase of a service in our Personal Training or Nutrition Department.
    • Receive 2 Nutrition sessions designed to introduce you to our nutrition philosophy and supporting tools.
    • Receive 2 Personal Training Sessions with one targeted on recovery.
    • Receive 2 Health & Fitness Assessments.
    • Based on the assessment results, and the individual’s goals, a detailed course of action will be presented that will progress the member towards his or her goals.
    • Total Body Measurements.

    Satisfaction Stats

    The assessment includes a complete health and fitness interview, a full body scan that includes a variety of measurements, and a section that gauges stability, mobility and flexibility. In addition, you get two personal training sessions along with two meetings with our staff Nutritionist. The personal training sessions will introduce you to state-of-the-art health and fitness technology and personalized programming along with providing guidance on the proper and safe way to recover following your workouts. The nutrition sessions will consist of personalized goal planning, online nutrition coaching and a complimentary antioxidant assessment using our proprietary software.

    The 5 Bridges process will begin with an initial health and fitness assessment followed by the personal training and nutrition sessions. To close out your member experience, you will have a final health and fitness assessment to measure your progress throughout the course of your 5 Bridges Health & Fitness Member Experience.


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