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Total Health

Total Health

At 5 Bridges Health & Fitness we talk about the term “Total Health” to explain how we approach our services to our members and why this approach makes us different. Our “5 Bridges” to Total Health are Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery, Education, and Community. Each plays an important role in the pursuit of health and fitness goals and objectives.

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You will not find this approach at other health clubs or gyms which focus almost exclusively on the fitness component. We have staffed our team with trained professionals in the areas of nutrition (Registered Dieticians), Recovery (Licensed Massage Therapists) and fitness (Certified Personal Trainers). We know that what you put in your body in terms of food and beverage is far more important than how much you work out. In many respects food is medicine. Science also tells us that recovery is a critical part of any exercise regimen.

Below you will find more information along with links to various pages on our website with more information on our Total Health framework.

couple getting massage
Licensed Massage Therapists


Massage therapy is best performed by a licensed massage therapist. Leveraging a wide range of techniques, massage therapy works on muscles and soft tissues to release stress, heal injuries, and boost overall wellness. No matter what you age is or what your needs are, massage therapy can be an ideal way to improve physical health and wellness. Trust us to provide top notch massage therapy in Harrisburg, PA.

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nutrition bowl
Registered Dieticians


Finding a dietitian near you or one who offers online counseling is an ideal way to reach your goals and make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need. Nutrition affects many aspects of our daily lives, from overall wellness to physical fitness. In-person and online nutrition counseling aims to help you pinpoint habits that are holding you back so you can establish new ones better aligned with your future.

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Personal Trainer training
Certified Personal Trainers


Our certified fitness professionals will help take the guesswork out of establishing your newest workout routine. When you work with our in-person trainers, you only have to worry about showing up to your workout on time. Your fitness goals will become their goals, and they will go above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and engaged while becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

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