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Tae Bo Classes In Harrisburg, PA

At 5 Bridges Health & Fitness, we like to have fun while we exercise, which is why we offer a wide variety of workout classes to explore. One of our more popular class options is Tae Bo, a blend of many different exercise types for a fun and engaging workout. We invite you to attend one of our group Tae Bo fitness classes so you can see the many benefits joining the 5 Bridges Health & Fitness family can provide.

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What Is Tae Bo?

Tae Bo is an exercise plan that combines boxing with martial arts and dance moves. Since its creation by martial artist Billy Blanks, Tae Bo has become a favorite exercise for many people. Tae Bo helps to sculpt and tone muscles while providing a great cardio workout.

What Are the Health Benefits of Tae Bo?

One of the biggest benefits of taking Tae Bo classes is they work out your entire body. Tae Bo combines Tae, the Korean word for foot or leg, and Bo, which is short for boxing. Tae Bo aims to help increase functional strength, which you use daily for tasks ranging from sitting in a chair to bending down to pick something up. Some of the other benefits of completing a Tae Bo workout include:

Great Cardio Workout

Tae Bo is mainly a cardio workout due to adding dance moves to the already high-intensity martial arts and boxing moves. By combining these three types of exercise, you have an intense workout without traditional cardio exercises like running.

Burn Calories

Since Tae Bo features a lot of cardio, you burn a lot of calories during each session, which may result in weight loss.

Learn Some Self-Defense Moves

Tae Bo features a lot of boxing moves, such as punching, which can help you gain a better understanding of self-defense techniques. It’s important to know that Tae Bo does not teach you self-defense, but it can help you achieve greater confidence in yourself, which can translate into taking a self-defense class and having some background knowledge as you learn the proper techniques.

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Why Should You Choose 5 Bridges Health & Fitness for Your Next Workout?

At 5 Bridges Health & Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering a health club that helps all members become their personal best. From group fitness classes to personal training, we’re here to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

We understand that physical fitness is one small part of improving your overall health, so we offer many amenities to help you improve both body and mind. Unwind after your workout in our sauna, or fuel up before your next class with our smoothie bar. We’re always happy to answer any questions and help you figure out which of our many services would benefit you most on your fitness journey.

If you’re ready to have fun and get in shape while enjoying yourself our Tae Bo class is waiting for you. To take one of our exercise classes, we invite you to explore our calendar and sign up for a membership or try our one-day free trial to see if 5 Bridges Health & Fitness is right for you.

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