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Because everyone needs HOPE….

Life is a roller coaster. It’s hard, it’s beautiful, it has grief and joy, new life and closing chapters, lots of laughs and even pandemics. The only non-changing, strong hold, and true hope in this life, through the good and the bad, is Jesus and the hope He brings.

I will leave May 9th to embark on a journey with Stadia, a church starting organization, designed to bring awareness and provide resources to bring that hope to everyone who needs it. My goal is to raise $50,000 to help start churches that intentionally care about bringing hope to the next generation. 

I will be trekking more than 50 miles and 18,000 feet of elevation through the mountains of Nepal to Mount Everest basecamp. Why am I doing this crazy thing? Because bringing hope matters!

I would be honored if you would help me reach my $50,000 goal and impact lives around the world with Jesus’ HOPE.

JOIN ME on this journey:: you can support me here:

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