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Functional Small Group Training Program

Thrive is a functional small group training program with the most important objective being “do no harm” as people pursue their health and fitness journey. All movements are carefully conducted to minimize the risk of injury while our certified Thrive coaches lead you through exercises designed to increase functional strength. Group size will be limited to six participants or less. Sessions will be offered every day we are open with many days having morning and evening sessions.

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What Thrive Is All About

Every month a new program will be launched and there will be three different sessions conducted throughout the week to ensure a wide variety for Thrive participants to keep their workouts fresh and challenging. Each Thrive class will have a dynamic warmup followed by power and strength circuits and then concludes with a cardio circuit to round out the experience. Watch the video to get a feel for what Thrive is all about.


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Thrive at 5B

Meet the Trainers

Sue loves to be positive and help people see their individual performance.

Tyler believes fully in the Thrive programs and improving quality of life.

Sami loves the community of Thrive and how it is inclusive for all people.

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