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Introducing our Nutritionist

Meet Alissa, the Nutritionist at 5 Bridges Health & Fitness. She has her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and is furthering her education by getting a master’s degree in Community Nutrition. Our philosophy behind nutrition here at 5 Bridges is to redirect our focus from “diet culture” and really educate ourselves about having a healthy relationship with food and nutrition. We strive to help our members improve their health through our online nutrition coaching platform, 1:1 personalized consultations with our nutritionist, and utilizing our diet assessment tool Pharmanex.

Online Nutrition Coaching

Our online nutrition coaching platform allows for an easy and convenient way for our Nutritionist to help you promote healthy behavior change all from your phone or computer. This online platform is created to help members discover the joys of living a fit and healthy lifestyle without being restrictive through diet. In conjunction with meeting with our Nutritionist, you will be able to have regular check-ins, track your progress, and get answers to any questions you have.

Pharmanex, S3 Scanner

The patented Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is an innovative testing tool that non-invasively measures overall antioxidant levels. Your antioxidant score indicates the adequacy of dietary habits, supplement intake, lifestyle choices, and body composition. A low score can be dramatically increased through better dietary and lifestyle choices by working with our nutritionist, along with subscribing to Pharmanex supplements. Come in today to get a complimentary scan as part of your initial nutrition consultation.

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