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Different Types of Exercises and Their Benefits

Different Types of Exercises and Their Benefits

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When you think of exercise, you might only consider one form — such as cardio or weight lifting. However, exercise can offer so much more. Check out all the different exercise types and switch them up during your next gym visit.

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Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is another term for cardio, and it includes any type of physical activity that increases your heart rate. This is one of the easiest sections of exercise to find something you enjoy because there is so much variety — such as biking, swimming, jogging, dancing or brisk walking. Moving your body regularly can lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, burn body fat and even boost your mood.

Strength Training

Another popular way to work out is through strength training. This term is typically associated with body-building like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that is only to an extreme. Instead, strength training maintains muscle, bone and joint health, helping you feel more confident in even the most everyday tasks — like carrying a load of laundry or going up and down stairs. Try out some strength training exercises at the gym, such as squats, lunges or any weight machine.

Stretching and Flexibility

Our muscles constantly contract when we exercise, only increasing the need for a stretching routine. As we age, this becomes more important as the flexibility decreases in our muscles and tendons. To help your exercise and recovery, stretch before and after every gym visit. Doing this routinely warms up your muscles and tendons, increasing your range of motion and reducing soreness and injury risks. Stretching and flexibility can range from simple movements — like touching your toes or doing a quad stretch — to more complex activities — like attending a yoga class.


Balance exercises especially benefit older adults, helping them feel steadier on their feet and preventing falls. Yoga is a great example of a safe balance exercise that can be done at your own pace. It even focuses on mental balance, providing relaxation techniques that lower blood pressure and overall stress.

Add Variety to Your Workouts at 5 Bridges Health & Fitness

Working all parts of your body — from your muscles to your heart to your mind — produces incredible benefits. With 5 Bridges Health & Fitness, you can do it all through our full gym, group exercise classes and personal training programs. We even offer several membership options to cater to your needs or budget. Contact us today to learn more!

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