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6 Exercises to Build Shoulder Strength

6 Exercises to Build Shoulder Strength

Woman doing a shoulder workout

Your shoulders bear more weight than you realize. Building shoulder strength is necessary for many reasons, from lifting and carrying heavy objects to improving posture.

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Best Shoulder Exercises for Each Muscle Group

Whether you are looking for simple exercises to start in the gym or ways to reach your body-building goals, here is a list of shoulder-strengthening and mobility exercises for each muscle group.

Anterior Deltoids

The anterior deltoids are in the front of your shoulders. These are helpful as you move your arm forward to open a door or up to raise your hand in class. Try out these exercises to work these muscles:

  • Overhead press: The overhead press is a tried and true exercise, almost as old as the barbell itself. Choose a comfortable weight and press the bar upward until your arms are straight. Slowly lower the bar for more control and repeat for reps.
  • Seated dumbbell press: Grab two dumbbells of equal weight and find a chair to sit on. While grasping the dumbbells, bring them to the starting position at your shoulders and press them up until your arms are straight. Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

Lateral Deltoids

Your lateral deltoids are located on the outside of your shoulders. You use these anytime you extend your arms away from your body. Some great workouts for this muscle group include:

  • Lateral dumbbell raise: Hold a pair of dumbbells down at your sides and lift them until your arms are stretched like an airplane. Lower the dumbbells down and repeat.
  • Upright barbell row: Grip a barbell with an overhand grip and pull it up to your chin. Lower it and repeat.

Posterior Deltoids

Your posterior deltoids are the muscles behind your shoulders working to move your arms backward. Anytime you put on a jacket, you are using your rear deltoids. Strengthen these muscles with these exercises:

  • Rear deltoid row: Lean forward, holding a barbell with straight arms. Pull the bar up to your chest while inhaling. Lower the bar while exhaling and repeat.
  • Face pull: Use the cable pulley machine at the gym and fasten a rope handle to it. Hold your elbows high and grip the rope with an overhand grip. Pull the rope toward you at face height or slightly above. Repeat for reps.

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