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4 Things to Do After Your Workout

4 Things to Do After Your Workout

Woman After A Workout

After a hard workout, you want to reward your body with rest. Before you do that, though, you need to make sure you do the right things to encourage your post-workout recovery.

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What to Do After a Workout

To safely transition from exercise to the rest of your day, take time to care for and nourish your body that has worked so hard. Here are four things you can do after your workout to recover faster and keep moving.

1. Stretch Out

After your workout, take a few moments to stretch your muscles, as this will help relieve muscle tension, cramps and delayed onset muscle soreness. Stretching will also reduce lactic acid buildup and support recovery.

Taking time to stretch is especially effective right after your workout, as your muscles are still warm and flexible. Be sure to target the parts of your body that you used during the training. Remember to stretch both sides of your body, breathe throughout and avoid bouncing motions so that you don’t tear any muscles.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Take a refreshing shower with cool water to promote healing and reduce inflammation after exercise. A cool shower can also reduce muscle tension and prevent acne-causing bacteria from flourishing. If you’re feeling especially brave, try an ice bath after your workout, as icy water can further reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

3. Change Your Clothes

After working out, you want to change out of your sweaty exercise outfit as soon as possible. Athletic clothes tend to be tight-fitting and may trap bacteria, which can irritate your skin. Choose comfortable, breezy clothes to put on after your shower as part of your gym recovery routine.

4. Hydrate

Wondering what to drink after a workout? If you want to stay hydrated, the best drink is the obvious one — water is a reliable option to replenish and restore your body after exercise. You can also opt for electrolyte drinks, coconut water or even chocolate milk. This chocolatey favorite comes loaded with carbs and protein to give your body a jump-start on recovery.

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