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Senior Exercise Classes: Options and Benefits

Senior Exercise Classes: Options and Benefits

Senior Exercise Classes: Options and Benefits

Exercise is vital in maintaining and improving your health as you age. It is important to know your options and how specific exercises can help you stay healthy.

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Senior Exercise Class Options

Saying active is essential as you get older, and you’ll want to find a workout routine that suits you. Exercise classes for older adults focus on improving cardio, strength, mobility and flexibility. There is a wide range of classes that can help improve your health. For instance, you could join a yoga class that offers seated and standing workouts designed to increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion and balance.

If you begin working out in your older years or have preexisting conditions, you can start with low-impact activities and build your way up. It is important to find a fitness plan that works for you.

The Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

Regular exercise is beneficial for everyone’s health. Staying active becomes more essential as you age, as it can improve your physical and mental health. Here are a few of the many benefits of exercising as an older adult:

Strengthen Bones and Joints

Aging can result in stiff bones and joints, which often leads to discomfort, aches and even loss of bone mass. You can maintain your bone strength through regular exercise. Low-impact strength training, such as weight-bearing and resistance exercises, can help improve flexibility, reduce stiffness and build bone density.

Lower Your Fall Risk

Falls can lead to serious injuries among older adults, especially when your bone strength is low. An exercise class that focuses on improving motion and balance can be beneficial in decreasing the frequency of falls. Staying active will also strengthen your bones, lessening the impact of a fall.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Older adults are at an increased risk of experiencing heart conditions. Adding regular cardio to your everyday fitness plan can improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating cardiovascular exercises like jogging, swimming or cycling into your routine. A fitness watch can be a great way to help you track these exercises.

Socialize With Other Older Adults

Aging can make socializing a bit more challenging. You spend more time in the house and get few opportunities to meet new people. While being part of a senior exercise class benefits your physical health, it also gives you a chance to connect with other older adults. Working out in a group can make exercise feel like a fun social activity and help you avoid feelings of loneliness.

Reduce Hypertension

Staying physically active can lower your blood pressure to safer levels. If you experience hypertension, aim to include 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises every day and incorporate strength training at least twice a week in your routine.

Get Active With 5 Bridges Health & Fitness

At 5 Bridges Health & Fitness, we offer various types of senior exercise classes taught by certified fitness instructors. Our programs aim to target all the focus areas for older adults and improve your overall health. Ready to get started on your fitness journey? Sign up for a membership plan today!

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