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Fitness New Year's Resolutions for 2022

Fitness New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

2022 Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas

As with any other year, many of us will kick off 2022 by making New Year’s resolutions to become stronger, fitter and healthier. While only 8% of Americans stick to their New Year’s resolutions, you can be a part of that elite crew by setting achievable fitness goals and making the most of the resources available to you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what the pandemic has taught us, how to set attainable fitness goals for 2022, a few 2022 fitness goal ideas and how to keep fitness New Year’s resolutions.

While many of the top 10 most popular resolutions revolve around fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the number one New Year’s resolution is actually to do your New Year’s resolution. Clearly, keeping the promises we make to ourselves is a challenge and we need all the help we can get.

With 60% of Americans making New Year’s resolutions each year, setting goals for the upcoming year has become a time-honored tradition. While many of the top 10 most popular resolutions revolve around fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the number one New Year’s resolution is actually to do your New Year’s resolution. Clearly, keeping the promises we make to ourselves is a challenge and we need all the help we can get.

To make your fitness goal setting and keeping a bit easier this year, this article will reflect on what we learned from 2021, then walk you through how to set achievable goals, potential 2021 fitness goal ideas and some tips for sticking with your resolutions.

What We Learned From 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Though COVID-19 made 2020-2021 a challenging period for many of us, this time also taught us vital lessons about the value of fitness and keeping up with your physical and mental well-being. The pandemic brought more awareness to how crucial it is to maintain our health and take care of our immune system.

Because regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen our bodies and boost our mental health, exercise became more important than ever during the pandemic. As we move forward into 2022, we can use what we learned throughout 2020-2021 to shape a better future.

2020 showed us how resourceful and determined humans are. We quickly adapted and overcame fitness obstacles posed by the pandemic with innovative solutions like virtual gym memberships. Using the technology available to us, we adhered to the CDC’s social distancing guidelines while still getting in a great workout.

Most of all, 2020 taught us to be thankful for the privilege of working out and enjoying state-of-the-art exercise facilities alongside our fellow community members. In 2022, let’s remember that we are capable of more than we ever thought as we take advantage of every opportunity we get to exercise together.

Biggest Lessons We Learned From 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak and adapting to social distancing, 2020 gave us a chance to reflect and be grateful for the things we do have. This past year, we learned the value of our health and maintaining both our physical and mental wellness. If nothing else, 2020 taught us the importance of taking care of our immune systems.

One of the best ways we can boost our immune systems and overall health is by getting active. Because regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of diseases, strengthen our bodies and enhance our health overall, exercise has become more important than ever this past year. As we progress into 2021, the lessons 2020 taught us about taking care of ourselves can help us create a brighter future.

Through these lessons, 2020 revealed the determination, strength and resourcefulness of humanity. We quickly adapted to shifting norms and solved fitness problems posed by the pandemic by coming up with innovative solutions like virtual gym memberships. With the help of technology, we remained dedicated to our fitness commitments while still prioritizing health, safety and social distancing.

More than anything else, 2020 gave us a renewed thankfulness for being with each other and working out together in cutting-edge exercise facilities. By looking back on the 2020 challenges we overcame, we can look to 2021 with hope and an eagerness to capitalize on every chance we get to work out and improve our health alongside one another.

Creating 2022 Fitness Goals

Before you set your New Year’s fitness resolutions in stone, take a look at these tips for setting goals you will be more likely to achieve.


One of the best methods for setting achievable fitness goals is to use the acronym SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. By providing a clear, reliable goal-setting strategy, SMART helps turn good intentions into results.

Here’s how SMART goals work.


  • Specific: Vague goals are challenging to attain, because if you don’t specify something, you won’t know when you’ve achieved it. Instead of saying something ambiguous like “I want to lose weight,” write down a specific number of pounds you want to lose.
  • Measurable: Your fitness goal should be quantifiable, so you will be able to track your daily progress. With a measurable goal, you can know for sure when you’ve reached a milestone.
  • Attainable: Your fitness goals should be realistic to keep you from getting discouraged. Be honest about your current fitness level and what you can reasonably expect to accomplish, considering your schedule and other commitments.
  • Relevant: Relevance is the why behind your goal — think about how accomplishing that objective would enhance your life. When your fitness goal is relevant to you, you will be more motivated to put in the work necessary for achieving it.
  • Time-bound: Setting a deadline for your fitness goal will prevent you from feeling aimless and push you to stay on track, so you don’t stray from the timeline. Make sure your deadline is realistic, yet challenging.

If your 2022 fitness goals contain each of these characteristics, you will be far more likely to reach them.


2. Focus on Holistic Fitness

When setting fitness goals, it’s easy to get caught up in how much weight you want to press or how fast you want to run a mile. However, there are many aspects to fitness, and not everything revolves around working out. Giving yourself something to work toward when not at the gym may even motivate you more to stay on track with your exercise schedule.

While you should still have workout goals, try to incorporate some benchmarks that have to do with eating right, mental well-being and other healthy habits. Setting a few goals to accomplish outside the gym will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle overall.

While the main objective of fitness goals is often to lose weight, build strength or run faster, don’t forget that there’s much more to fitness than just going to the gym. Try to set some fitness goals that don’t have to do with exercise, such as eating more veggies or quitting soda, to work on leading a healthier lifestyle overall. Having goals outside of the gym will also keep you focused and motivated to stick with your exercise routine.

When setting holistic fitness goals, don’t forget to take mental well-being into consideration. Learning how to meditate or relax with yoga can do just as much for your health as running a marathon. You may even find that when your mind feels more balanced, you get more out of your workouts.

3. Set Mini-Goals Along the Way

Building a few micro-goals into your overarching plan will increase your confidence, give you something to work for and keep you motivated. For example, if you want to run a marathon, you should set smaller goals — such as running a 10K or half-marathon — that will help you in your progression. Sometimes, achieving a mini-goal gives you the boost you need to power through to accomplishing your ultimate objective.

These little victories are also a great way to measure your progress. If you achieve your smaller goal, you’ll know you are on track to ultimately achieve your larger one.

4. Make Fitness Fun

Naturally, you will be more inclined to show up at the gym and stick with your resolutions if you enjoy working out. While some high-intensity exercises might burn more calories in one session, it will be more beneficial for you to choose a form of exercise that you will consistently show up for once January rolls into February and beyond. There are many ways to challenge yourself — you can make getting fit fun by finding the type of exercise that appeals most to you.

Another way to keep fitness interesting is to mix up your workout routine every so often. If you’re the kind of person who quickly gets bored with the same routine every day, consider checking out something different like a barre or Pilates group fitness class. Trying something new is an excellent way to keep yourself excited about exercising, while toning muscles you may not typically work.

Set fitness goals that get you excited about working out. You will be much more likely to keep going to the gym if you actually look forward to it, so make sure you include some fun in your fitness goals by focusing on exercises you enjoy. Whether you love to run, swim, power lift, cycle or something else, centering your goal around your favorite form of exercise will make you more motivated to continue going to the gym all year long.

While sticking with your go-to exercise may be fun, switching it up every so often could be even more fun. Keep yourself engaged with working out by trying different fitness classes, such as kickboxing, Zumba or yoga. With so many different ways to sweat, you’ll never get tired of going to the gym.

5. Remember to Rest

No matter how enthusiastic you are, don’t forget that pushing yourself to the max every day might not help you accomplish your New Year’s resolutions for 2022. Many goals fail because we start strong, but quickly get burned out or injured because of overdoing it. Overuse injuries and fatigue can derail training and progress toward your fitness objectives.

To avoid burnout or injury, build a rest day or two into your weekly exercise routine. Ensure your workout schedule is sustainable. Listening to your body will help you recognize when you need to take a break. You can still get your blood flowing on a rest day by engaging in an active recovery activity like an easy walk or gentle yoga session. By working smarter, not harder, you’ll achieve your fitness goals in no time.

10 Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2022

Now that you know how to set surefire fitness goals, check out these 2022 New Year’s resolution ideas for some fitness inspiration.

1. Hold a Plank

Holding the plank position is one of the best exercises for strengthening your core. By challenging numerous muscles throughout the body, the plank can help you improve everything from your six-pack and endurance performance to your posture and metabolism. Though they get great results, planks can be challenging, so start small and work your way up to holding the position for a minute, two or more!

Holding the plank position engages numerous muscles in your body, making it one of the best exercises you can do to build up your core. Regularly doing a plank can increase your endurance, improve your posture and boost your metabolism, all while strengthening your abs. Of course, holding a plank isn’t easy, so start small and be patient with yourself as you work your way up to a full minute and beyond.

2. Try a New Fitness Class

If experimenting with various exercise types seems daunting to you, make it a goal to get outside of your fitness comfort zone by trying a different form of working out. Signing up for a fitness class will give you a specific new way to move, plus a concrete time and date to ensure you follow through. If you need even more encouragement, many gyms and fitness studios allow you to try your first session for free.

3. Train for a Road Race

Whether it be a 5K, half marathon or full marathon, setting your eyes on a specific race is an excellent fitness objective. Signing up for a road race will give you a concrete goal with a hard deadline. To challenge yourself even more than completing the race, you can set a benchmark time. Participating in a road race will also allow your friends and family members to cheer you on and join you in celebrating your fitness journey.

As a bonus, running is an extremely beginner-friendly sport that requires minimal equipment. For those new to running, there are plenty of couch-to-5K running plans available online that will take you from not running at all to crossing the 5K finish line. With enough patience and determination, anyone can become a successful runner.

Signing up for a road race is a great fitness goal because it gives you a specific race to run for a specific distance on a specific day. If you want to get even more specific, you can also set a goal time. Marking your progress and staying on track to meet your goal will be simple if you follow something like a couch-to-5K running plan, which can easily be found online.

Running is also an achievable fitness resolution because it takes minimal equipment and anyone can do it. If you have a reliable pair of running shoes and a can-do attitude, you’ve already got what it takes to be a successful runner. As a bonus, your friends and family can cheer for you along the race route and celebrate with you at the finish line.

4. Prep Your Meals

Setting yourself up for success is the secret to accomplishing your fitness goals. One of the easiest ways to start eating healthier is to meal prep, so you don’t end up grabbing an unhealthy, quick-fix alternative amid the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Taking time at the beginning of the week to chop or cook ingredients in advance will save you time and keep you from making unhealthy choices in the days ahead.

Being in less of a rush will also help you eat a bit more slowly and stop eating when you’ve reached your full point. Making a conscious effort to sit down while eating can also help you savor each meal.

The best way to set yourself up for accomplishing your nutritional goals is to be prepared. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting to the next appointment and just stopping for some fast food on the way, keeping your fridge stocked with healthy pre-made meals will help you stay on track to achieving your fitness goals.

Carving out some time at the beginning of the week to chop or cook ingredients can save you from making unhealthy decisions in the days ahead. In addition, being in less of a rush to eat every day will allow you to slow down, enjoy your food and recognize when you’ve hit your full point. Instead of absentmindedly shoveling more food down, savoring each meal will help you keep a tighter rein on portion control.

5. Give up One Indulgence

A wholesale lifestyle overhaul may feel daunting. Instead of trying to ditch junk food, cut carbs, quit soda, skip dessert and eliminate alcohol all at the same time, start by choosing just one vice to give up. Then, as you adjust to living without chocolate or wine, try getting rid of another indulgence.

Gradually changing unhealthy habits is more sustainable than quitting everything cold turkey and will help you keep a more well-balanced mood. Aim for maintaining a reasonable amount of self-control while not feeling deprived. You can even switch various indulgences each month for a balanced life.

Trying to make a million lifestyle changes at once can be intimidating and ultimately discouraging. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, choose to key in on one main vice to give up. Rather than attempting to eliminate all processed food, carbs, sugar and alcohol from your life at once, try quitting just one of these indulgences and seeing how it goes.

As you become adjusted to living without your indulgence of choice, you can try getting rid of another vice. Gradually dropping your unhealthy habits will help you feel less deprived, which will enable you to make sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle changes. To ensure you maintain a well-balanced life, you can try rotating which indulgence you abstain from each month.

6. Get to Bed on Time

Getting the right amount of quality sleep each night is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. With a full night’s sleep, you can boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, fend off weight gain, boost your mood and more. Being well-rested will also help you give it your all at the gym.

While getting to bed at a decent time may be difficult some nights, you can take specific measures to ensure sweet dreams. Try winding down and relaxing by doing a bit of yoga or meditation each night before hopping into bed. Keeping electronics out of the bedroom may also help you fall asleep sooner.

We often underrate the impact that sleep has on our health. Getting the right amount of quality sleep can aid your immune system, improve your mood, strengthen your heart and help you maintain a healthy weight. As a bonus, a good night’s rest will make you full of energy and ready to give it your all when you work out.

If you find it difficult to get to bed on time each night, there are a few sleep-inducing tricks you can try. Doing a bit of yoga, stretching or meditating before climbing into bed can help both your body and mind relax, which will make sleep come easier. Avoiding screens and keeping electronics out of your bedroom may also help you fall asleep more quickly.

7. Drink More Water

Staying well-hydrated is essential for overall health. Drinking up to eight glasses of water per day will help you lose weight, feel more energized and have clearer skin. These health benefits will also help you get more out of your workout sessions, so you can reach your fitness goals even sooner.

In addition to consuming more water, try swapping water for a less healthy beverage like soda. Switching to water will cut down on your daily sugar intake while nourishing your body — a win-win! Make remembering to drink water easier by keeping a refillable water bottle at your work desk and ordering water whenever you dine out.

Toast to your health this year with a nice big glass of H2O. Make 2022 the year of drinking water by committing to drinking eight glasses of water each day. Staying well-hydrated will help you lose weight, clear up your skin and feel more energized so you can keep killing it at the gym.

Make your hydration resolution even more meaningful by swapping water for a less healthy beverage like soda or energy drinks. Trading in your usual diet soda for a tall glass of water will both nourish your body and decrease your daily sugar intake. To make sticking with your eight glasses goal more manageable, keep a refillable water bottle at your work station and remember to order water whenever you go out to eat.

8. Go Digital

Leading a healthy lifestyle includes keeping your immune system in check and preventing the spread of illness in your community. If you don’t feel ready to return to your local gym yet, you can sign up for a virtual gym membership to continue getting fit while maintaining social distance. With programs like 5BTV, you can access an extensive selection of workout classes online and engage with others while getting a solid exercise session in.

Securing a virtual gym membership is a smart 2022 New Year’s resolution idea because it will ensure you have a way to work out, no matter how social distancing guidelines fluctuate. Even if you do feel comfortable returning to your local gym, virtual gym memberships offer the convenience of working out without having to commute on hectic days.

Staying fit and healthy includes protecting your immune system and preventing the spread of illness among your community. If you do not feel comfortable returning to your local gym just yet, opt for a virtual gym membership instead. When you join virtual programs, you get access to a large collection of workout classes and other resources to help you continue getting fit while maintaining social distance.

As social distancing guidelines continue to fluctuate, signing up for a virtual gym membership will provide you with a dependable way to keep working out no matter how things change. Even those who do feel ready to go back to the gym in person could benefit from the convenience of a virtual gym membership. Having a great way to work out at the click of a button will help you stick to your exercise schedule even on busy days when you can’t make it to the gym.

9. Stick to a Schedule

One of the best fitness goals is consistency. Planning to work out a specific number of days per week or month could be your first step on your path toward better wellness. Regularly showing up to the gym will naturally push you toward accomplishing your other fitness goals as well.

Make it easier for yourself to get in an exercise session by planning it into your daily routine. If you dedicate a specific chunk of time to working out each day instead of trying to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule at the last minute, you will be much more likely to get your sweat on.

10. Adjust Your Attitude

Make your mindset a goal, too. If you tend to view exercising or eating right as a necessary evil, shift your perspective to look at working out as a daily adventure and mealtime as an opportunity to fuel your body with nutritious foods. Focus on the little things you like about working out, such as your class instructor or the rush of endorphins after a sweat session, and use them as a source of motivation.

With enough practice, your attitude will begin to change. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to your next trip to the gym and devouring a healthy meal afterward.

5 Ways to Stick With Your Fitness Resolutions

Once you’ve chosen which awesome fitness achievements to set as your New Year’s resolutions this year, follow these five tips to make sure you keep them.

1. Make Fitness a Priority

When life becomes busy, the first thing to get bumped off the schedule is often our gym time. To stick with your 2022 fitness goals, you will need to make your health and wellness a top priority every day. Being unwilling to sacrifice the time you set aside to work out, meditate or meal prep will enhance your overall well-being.

One trick to make sure you’re not quick to cancel your trip to the gym or skip out on an exercise class is to think of it as an equally important commitment as a work meeting or dentist appointment. Your physical and mental health are worth prioritizing, so treat them accordingly.

No matter how busy we are, we make time for the things we care about. Your fitness should be valuable enough to make it a top priority each day. Considering the health benefits of regular physical activity, carving out time for routine exercise will only enhance your life and overall well-being.

Instead of making working out the first thing to fall by the wayside as soon as you get busy, treat your regular trips to the gym as a crucial commitment like a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting. Your physical and mental health deserve to be a top priority.

2. Set Mini Goals

Planning some micro-goals into your overall fitness resolution will help keep you on track to reaching your ultimate goal. Having smaller checkpoints along the road of your fitness journey will constantly provide you with something to work for and build your self-esteem. For example, completing a half-marathon could give you the confidence boost you need to move up to a full marathon.

Be sure to reward yourself each time you reach a mini goal with something that will help you on your path to fitness, such as a new pair of running shoes. Celebrating your progress will keep you motivated to accomplish your larger goal.

3. Pick a Partner

The most reliable way to make working out fun is to do it with a friend. If you tend to dread the drive to the gym, exercising alongside your bestie will make you excited about getting your sweat on. Knowing you’ve got a workout buddy waiting will also keep you accountable for showing up.

Committing to working out with someone can also give you the motivation to achieve higher thanks to a little friendly competition. You and your fitness partner can push each other and encourage one another when things get tough.

Working out with a friend will make you more excited about exercising and keep you accountable to showing up to the gym. When you know a workout buddy awaits you at the gym, you’ll be more eager to increase your strength while building your relationships. Having someone to encourage and support you along your fitness journey will also keep you motivated to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

4. Track Your Progress

Recording your progress is key to maintaining fitness resolutions. Keeping track of the strides you’ve made will reassure you of how far you’ve come as well as add another layer of accountability by making you feel as if someone else is keeping an eye on you. This feeling will motivate you to stay dedicated and work harder.

Writing down your progress in a fitness journal will also give you time to think about each exercise session and help you identify what went well and what could have been better. Thinking through what works for you will help you make any necessary changes to your gym routine so you can accomplish even more. You can use a hard-copy journal or a fitness app to easily measure your progress.

Keeping track of your progress toward your fitness goals is essential to sticking with your resolutions. Recording your progress will make you feel like someone else is keeping an eye on you, which will naturally motivate you to work harder. Tracking your progress can also give you a boost of encouragement by showing you how far you’ve come.

Consider getting a fitness journal to write down your daily activity or chart your improvements. Taking time to reflect on each workout for a moment may even help you to identify any changes you need to make to your routine to optimize your time at the gym. If a hard-copy journal is too old-school for you, check out apps like MyFitnessPal, which helps you keep track of your fitness efforts.

5. Pace Yourself

Although seeing your amazing progress may energize you to keep pushing yourself harder and harder, it is important to remember to rest every so often. Many New Year’s fitness resolutions get forgotten because of burnout or injury from biting off more than we can chew. No matter how enthusiastically you start out, fatigue and overuse injuries can quickly dampen your spirits and pause your training.

To prevent burnout and injury, make resting a regular part of your weekly routine. Create a workout schedule that is realistically sustainable and listen to your body when it cries out for a break. You can still get some physical activity in on rest days by going for a relaxed walk or participating in some soothing yoga. By taking some time for your body and mind to recover, you’ll have the stamina to accomplish your goals.

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